Non-Stick Frypan 250MM


Material: Non-stick Aluminium;


Enhance your cooking and dining experience with American Ibex Non-Stick Frypan. American Ibex Non-Stick Frypan is perfect for stir-frying and everyday cooking. Evoke the inner chef in you and cook healthy, low fat and delicious meals at home.

Made with pure grade virgin aluminium for quick and even heat distribution

Health-friendly, 100% PFOA-free, heavy metal and multi-Layer non-stick coating for daily oil-free cooking

Make wholesome nutritious healthy dishes including veg. kofta, palak paneer, noodles, gravies, Manchurian, chicken curry, and much more…

Strong and long-lasting with 3mm thickness

Suitable for use on the gas stove, ceramic plate, hob, hot plate, infrared and induction plate.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24.5 × 27 × 6.5 cm

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