Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 3 L, 5 L


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  • Made of: Stainless Steel
  • Pack of: 1
  • With Induction Bottom
  • Capacity: 3 L, or 5 L,
  • Lid Type: Outer Lid


• High-Quality Durable Pressure Cooker: American Ibex Friendly Stainless Steel pressure cooker features a

3, & 5 litres capacity and comes with ergonomic handles for comfortable grip. These handles are highly

durable. Made from high quality Stainless Steel you can safely use this pressure cooker for your daily

cooking needs. Safety Features for Peace of Mind: Equipped with safety measures such as a metallic

safety plug and a gasket release system, the American Ibex Stainless steel pressure cooker is built to

provide you with an easy and safe cooking experience. Featuring a simple and easy-to-use design, you

can use this pressure cooker to cook a wide variety of dishes with relative ease. Its well-designed

handles are prevents them from getting too hot and keep your hands safe while handling the cooker. It is

compatible with gas stoves and induction and its Combo is perfect for cooking up meals for small & big

families or working bachelors with varitey of menu at a time. Easy to Clean and Maintain: Made from

high quality Steel the American Ibex friendly pressure cooker is fairly easy to wash and maintain. Thanks

to the durable quality material, this cooker is rated to last for a long time even with regular use.

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Weight 7 kg

3 L, 5 L

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